Green Transitions Scoreboard – April 2015 – Just in time for Earth Day!

Jay Owen Green Prosperity, Trendspotting

2015 cover finalEarth Day 2015 marks $6.22 trillion invested in the global green transition since 2007. This meets our Green Transition Scoreboard® (GTS) goal of $10 trillion privately invested in the green economy by 2020, easily on track to reach the 2020 goal to effectively scale innovations and reduce costs in green technologies as the world transitions to the Solar Age.

Appropriately for Earth Day, the 2015 GTS report, Breakdowns Driving Breakthroughs, focuses on Life Systems, a new category capturing system-wide interconnections among efficiency, information and digitization, energy, water, food, education and health, which equals 14% of the overall total.

For 2014, the GTS focused on water, which added $484 billion to the overall total of $5.3 trillion of private investments reported March 2014, 9% of the overall total, while the mid-year update focused on global green bonds which are regularly oversubscribed.

This year, the GTS tracks Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Green Construction, Life Systems and Corporate Green R&D, representing broad areas of investment in green technologies.  Each sector covers an area of substantial capital investment in technologies which Hazel Henderson’s years of research as a science advisor and which the Ethical Markets Advisory Board expertise indicate are continuing to contribute to the growing green economy.