Green Transition Scoreboard® Receives Valuable Endorsements

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See our latest endorsements from Carson Beadle and Joel Makower!


How can GTS guide us to a GREENER PLANET?

“Over twenty years ago, Hazel Henderson talked of a most implausible goal: to both encourage Green investing and to track its growth worldwide. The remarkable $3.3 trillion now invested in Green still challenges the imagination. The world needs to know of this triumph and its significance to all our futures.”  — Carson E. Beadle, former CEO of Mercer

Humans, like all nature, survive on feedback looks that help us assess our world and, if we’re to survive and thrive, make adjustments along the way. GTS is a critical contribution to that feedback, tracking the the size and scope of our transition to a greener economy. It provides a hopeful measure of the unlimited potential to restore our world — profitably. — Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group Inc.

“For over 30 years, Hazel Henderson has worked to define real value and wealth for society, developing integral metrics, for example, to replace the erroneous and misleading GDP.  Of crucial importance is the Green Transition Scoreboard, which tracks the real transition from earth-destroying economic activities to sustainable green businesses that care for people and planet as well as for their investors.  Despite all the grave systemic problems facing us, the GTS shows what progress is being made, where it is occuring, but also where it is NOT occuring, so that we can pay attention to the chokepoints that are holding back human progress.”  Michel Bauwens, Founder, Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Alternatives (P2P Foundation)

“No leader, from the CEO of the smallest of corporations to the president of the largest of nations, could do better than internalizing the principles of Ethical Markets and always keeping a sharp eye on the Green Transition Scoreboard.”  — Ashok Khosla, Chairman, Development Alternatives and pioneer social entrepreneur.

Why should CORPORATIONS follow the GTS?

“Because it enables tracking of the global macro-shift from the Industrial Era to the emerging sustainable economies of the 21st century  The GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD® is an important innovation.  Check it out!”  Don Tapscott, author of the bestsellers Wikinomics and Macrowikinomics

What can the GTS bring to PRIVATE INVESTORS?

“Wonderful initiative.  Finally an overview of the amount of private money invested and committed to Impact Investing.”  — Robert Rubinstein, CEO, TBLI GROUP™

” I believe that once social investments have passed the 50% mark of the global economy and we look back on how that happened, we’ll agree that the Scoreboard was absolutely key!” — Susan Davis, President,

How does the GTS support ENTREPRENEURS?

“The GTS is a brilliant, innovative, and critical tool for bringing visibility and credibility.  I have been so frustrated with the invisibility of the Green Transition.  Most people just don’t know how far along we are, and the mainstream media keeps it that way.  People feel stuck and think that the current cultural meme of the fossil fuel era is unshakeable.  You have created the measurement and tracking tool that will provide the data backbone and enabling catalyst for the global mind-shift that is waiting to happen.  Bravo Hazel and Ethical Markets !!!”  — Leslie Danziger, Co-founder, Solaria Corporation


“The GTS adopts a much more comprehensive and therefore effective working definition of a green economy than is usually the case, and provides a robust and consistent framework for measuring our progress towards it.” — Matthew Kiernan, founder, Innovest; CEO, Inflection Point Capital Management; author, Investing in a Sustainable World

How can GOVERNMENTS learn from the GTS?

“The economy’s shift beyond industrial growth has been largely invisible because we have lacked the data to detect it.  The GTS tool is profoundly important, for example, to help governments understand that they can now stop subsidizing the carbon emitters.”  – Dennis Meadows, co-author, Limits to Growth

“As the world dramatically changes the way it produces and consumes energy, we are witnessing the first predictable industrial revolution, a historic progression detailed in the GTS.” — Paul Dickinson, Executive Chairman, Carbon Disclosure Project

What does the GTS mean for COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT?

“The private sector is ahead of governments in understanding that people, places, and organizations can only get richer by becoming greener and only earn more money by using fewer resources. Private capital investment is now leading globally in promoting technological innovation will accelerate environmentally and socially sustainable growth and economic development throughout the world.”  — Dr. Marc A. Weiss, CEO of Global Urban Development

How does the GTS benefit GLOBAL MULTI-MEDIA?

“We usually do manage what we measure; so the GTS is an important contribution from Ethical Markets Media in getting to the future our polling suggests people intend for their children.” — Doug Miller, Chairman, GlobeScan Inc.; President, GlobeScan Foundation


“Since 1987, we have guided our investors towards companies leading the growing green economy: the Sustainability Sector.  The GTS is an important milestone in measuring the increasing economic viability of this CleanTech universe.”  — Stuart Valentine, Senior Partner, Iowa Progressive Asset Management

“The Green Transition Scoreboard® gives our ESG clients a true barometer of significant change going on in corporations around the globe.” — Helen Rake, Principal for Collins Capital Management, Inc.