Green Energy for a Green Economy

kristy Green Prosperity

Green Energy for a Green Economy

Tue. 19 June: 17:30 – 19:00

Venue: RioCentro

Room: T-5

Hear about tools to monitor progress and identify development and investment opportunities

See the results of good practices

How to assess national energy policies to ensure that they contribute to low-carbon strategies and ecodevelopment under fluctuating weather conditions.

How markets can be harnessed to promote use low-carbon, renewable energy.

How sustainable energy access and transition to renewable energy can contribute to a green economy in the South and North.


· Christine Fiebig (Facilitator)

· Maryse Labriet (ENERIS / HELIO International)

· Hazel Henderson (Ethical Markets)

· Gunnar Boye-Olesen (INFORSE-Europe)

· Raymond Myles (INFORSE-South Asia)

· Michel Takam (ADEID)

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