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Taking Care of Business
By Joel Makower
Chairman & Executive Editor

On April 28, we’ll be holding another in our series of VERGE Salons — high-energy, day-long events focused on unlocking the business opportunities at the convergence of technology and sustainability.

The focus of VERGE Salon London is Supply-Chain Transparency and Traceability, the technologies and business practices that can increase visibility into supply chains to reduce risk, increase resilience and ensure that companies and products are meeting customers’ — and society’s — expectations.

Wherever you are in the world, you can join in. Register to watch the free virtual livestream here. If you can’t attend the livestream, signing up will ensure that you get full access to the archive presentation following the event.

Sustaining America’s Cities: While we’re touting live events, I’m excited about our next one, on April 21. The topic: Sustaining America’s Cities: The Role Businesses Can PlayIn this free, hour-long webcast, current and former sustainability directors from three major U.S. cities will share their experiences in setting strategy and developing public-private partnerships. I encourage you to register to attend.

PE International Becomes thinkstep, Launches Software Platform

thinkstep introduced, its next generation platform to dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of energy, environmental, compliance, and sustainability management. Available in Q3, it comprises the data foundation and more than 70 software applications, supported by thinkstep professional services. Click here to learn more.

Help us co-create solutions to tomorrow’s energy problems

With the strain of Global energy consumption increasing year on year, scientists and engineers are increasingly looking for creative and innovative ways to combat the growing trend. With a focus on energy access, reliability and alternative power generation, Smart energy is an area in which the world truly requires our greatest attention.

5 reasons CFOs are taking a closer look at sustainability

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Life-cycle analysis, energy and water use, manufacturing waste, packaging are some data points to be considered in seeking the GH Green seal.

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Diane Holdorf, chief sustainability officer for food giant Kellogg, talks farming, goal setting and ceo buy-in.

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As more big-name companies feel the repercussions of far-away supplier relationships gone awry, it’s time to raise the bar on supply chain sustainability efforts.

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A group of socially responsible businesses shared the ways they reach shareholders. Which will work for your company?

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Now, This


By Todd Reubold

What’s in your sushi? That’s one sustainability question Chef Rob Ruiz’s is trying to answer at his new restaurant, The Land and Water Company.

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Harnessing nature to improve buildings can have benefits on multiple levels, as companies such as EDS and Hewlett-Packard have learned.

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As supply chain management becomes an increasingly important business operation, companies would do well to invest in training to build a talent pool in this area.

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