Green Buzz: Could smart meters stem $14 billion in annual water losses?

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Money Matters

Could smart meters stem $14 billion in annual water losses?
By Heather Clancy

Upgrading aging water infrastructure is costly, but advanced technology can help utilities detect leaks or unbilled water usage faster.

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How can solar companies get new customers? Cold, hard cash
By James Mandel

Want solar on my roof? Go ahead and pay me for it. Seriously. Here’s how.

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Complimentary GreenBiz Webcast

The Secrets of Sustainable Leadership in Business
Sponsored by ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

As sustainability becomes increasingly woven into the fabric of business, so has the need for executives who can show the way. It’s no longer just about efficiency or packaging or waste — but about systems: supply chains, logistics, human resources, operations, and their impacts on employees, communities and customers. It embraces an understanding of social issues as well as environmental ones. Join us for a free, one-hour webcast where a panel of experts will speak about the latest thinking on sustainability leadership and career development. Register Here.

Leading The Way

The benefits of tying executive compensation to sustainability
By Namrita Kapur

While it appears to be an emerging trend, there’s still a wide range of ways in which it’s implemented.

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10 steps for making sustainable investments
By Robert Kropp

In “The 21st Century Investor,” Ceres outlines how investors can help transform the global economy into one in which sustainability is the central concern. …Read More

Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council: Your FAQs answered
By Jason Pearson and Sam Hummel

Find answers to the many questions about the new group posed during GreenBiz’s July launch webcast.

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Corporate Sustainability Training from UVM 100% Online

The University of Vermont online introduces the new Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Innovation. Master critical in-demand sustainability skills and become an agent of change in your organization by maximizing your Triple Bottom Line. Implement the training and best-practices your organization needs to boost ROI and drive innovation. Lead the Change to Green with UVM!

GreenBiz Focus on Resources

4 ways to make transportation fuel systems more sustainable
By Ryan Schuchard

Here’s what came out of a series of discussions among fleet operators, vehicle manufacturers, energy producers and civil society.…Read More

Complimentary GreenBiz Webcast

Building Analytics: Getting the Most from Your Data
Sponsored by Johnson Controls

Dashboards can tell us what’s happening right now, or what already has happened. The next-generation technology will go beyond that to predict the future. Tools like fault detection and diagnostics, continuous commissioning and predictive maintenance will enable us to gain a deeper view of energy use, and create more opportunities for optimizations. Join us for a lively discussion on advanced building efficiency applications. Register Here.

White Papers

·  How Product Life Cycle Assessment empowers Chief Sustainability Officers

·  Six growing trends in corporate sustainability

August 16, 2013


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