Grant for Innovative Socio-economic Models 2011

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Grant for Innovative Socio-economic Models 2011

International open call for proposals

Given the dramatic failure of social, economic and political models in the twentieth century, we need to aim at surpassing these models, with the objective of ensuring that the entire world population is able to cover their basic needs sustainably.

Across the world, new visions are emerging, aimed at creating not only a new economics and finance model, but also at alternative political, media and knowledge management systems that can operate within a finite planet. Today, more than ever, “the best practice is a good theory.”

The Grant for Innovative Socio-economic Models 2011 would like to empower, and increase the visibility of, individuals and groups that can bring about these new insights, and that want to facilitate ways of implementing these new ideas, models and systems.

The prize is a 20,000 € scholarship over one year, awarded to the author of an original global system. The grant will be used to develop and refine the socio-economic model outlined in the submission, with a view to its publication and dissemination.

To be considered, candidates must submit an article of 15,000 – 20,000 characters, which sets out briefly the main features of their proposed global socio-economic model. Please visit for more information.

Deadline: April 18, 2011