GOP Election Theme 2012: Crony Capitalism in Energy

kristy Greentech

GTM SOLAR WEEKLY | Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GOP Election Theme 2012: Crony Capitalism in Energy
Sanjay Wagle, former VantagePoint VC and DOE employee, is the GOP scapegoat of the month.

Are California Desert Leaders Resisting Utility-Scale Wind and Solar?
Some don?t want to be friends with big renewables, even with benefits.

Nanosolar Scores $20M to Keep Its CIGS PV Dream Alive
Investment in CIGS solar companies not completely killed off by Solyndra debacle

CPV Startup Energy Innovations Seeking Strategic Acquirer
A pioneering CPV startup looks for alternatives.

The Water-Energy Nexus and Our Infrastructure Gap
A gap limits the renewable energy sector; a water expert identifies the problem?and the solutions.

Green Job Moves at Xtreme Power, MiaSolé, Lumenergi, Oasys Water, Ascent Solar
CEO shifts at energy storage, solar, and water firms

Solar Frontier Ships CIS Thin-Film Solar Panels to Energy Giant NRG
Solar Frontier ranks second in thin film with 577 megawatts produced in 2011.

Samsung Abandoning Its Solar Domination Plans?
The downturn in the solar market might be proving too much for even Samsung to stomach.

The Humanitarian Side of Solar and Renewables
We take a break from pure capitalism to honor the human, animal, and environmental-minded side of the renewable business.

Independent Review: DOE?s Loan Guarantee Program Has Worked, Can Be Better
Do venture firms invest this competently?

Update: SunPower Sues SolarCity and Ex-Employees for Theft of Customer Data
This can?t end well.