October Newsletter

kristy Global Citizen

October 19th, 2012

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DONATE NOW! has been busy this fall. Together we have pushed for a more responsible U.S. role in the world. Here’s an overview of what we’ve all accomplished:

Climate Change

Our team has been working hard to make climate change a bigger election issue. Thousands of you have signed our petition, asking presidential debate moderators to make climate change a topic for debate this fall. Lead by our hard charging campaigns coordinator, Julia Bunting, we joined a group of 8 other advocacy organizations to hand-deliver 160,000 combined signatures to Jim Lehrer of PBS NewsHour. Your petition was also personally delivered to CNN’s Candy Crowley, while also using a Google Moderator tool to highlight the importance of having a genuine debate from our presidential candidates on how to best address global warming. Unfortunately, we’ve yet to hear a climate change question, a fact which our CEO Don Kraus laments in his recent editorial in The Huffington Post, “Dear, Candy, You Blew It On Climate Change.” Read it, share it and add comments if you agree that we deserve a real debate on climate change. We’re not giving up until we hear concrete plans from both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. If you’ve yet to take action, sign here now!

International Peacekeeping

In September, our staff held several events promoting our report, “U.S. Engagement in International Peacekeeping: From Aspiration to Implementation.” The events included a reception and panel discussion featuring former U.S. peacekeepers who have served in a variety of missions. U.S. administration officials in attendance heard first-hand the difference U.S. engagement in peacekeeping can make.

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