Global Marshall Plan News 12/2008

Ethical Markets Reforming Global Finance

Kids for Climate Justice
Felix addressed participants of the conference “A Global Contract Based on Climate Justice”

Global Commons Update
Relevant text on global commons issues

New partners for the Coalition for the Global Commons
Nigerian network of friends expanding

Barack Obama: The Man and the Challenge
An essay on the challenges facing Obama and the new US Administration

The banking crisis and its consequences
Essay by Franz Josef Radermacher

Happy holidays!
We wish you Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!

14.12.2008 19:00, Brussels
Meeting of the Brussels based support group
for a Global Marshall Plan
22.1.2009 – 23.1.2009, Brussels
ICT for a global sustainable futur
How ICT can durably contribute to the wellbeing of all citizens around the world.
31.5.2009 – 4.6.2009, Chicago
Globalisation for the Common Good: An Interfaith Perspective
28.8.2009 – 31.8.2009, Montreal
Civicus World Assembly 2009
Conference for Citizen Participation