Global Marshall Plan Annual Meeting 2012

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Global Marshall Plan Annual Meeting 2012
Our common learning journey continues!


Start to “Become Active”
Global Marshall Plan Academy 2012 completed


University Day Project: First nation-wide Networking-Meeting
Second successful University Day of Karlsruhe shows to be a great example for replication


Awareness Raising by Campus Groups
Global dinner, awareness raising book shelves and lecture series


Discussion in Munich, Awareness-Raising in Villingen-Schwenningen and Lake Constance Group at the international Church Day
Several examples are showing that the Initiative is very active in awareness-raising at the beginning of the summer


Various Examples of How Awareness Raising Can Look Like
Letter to the editor, Transition Towns and promotion of the eco-social market economy at a science slam


– Opinion –


Global System Change Revisited: Five main Changes are Necessary!
A contribution by Zeki Ergas, author, peace activist and supporter of our Initiative since the beginning


The Concept of “Regional Globalism”
How to act in a responsible and systematic way – first thoughts by Johannes Dreer


– Background Information –


Air traffic Tax as an Instrument for Climate Protection and Reduction of Subsidies
Environment and Development organizations demand further development of German air traffic tax


Beyond Rio+20 – Outcome and Lesson
Failure of international politics shows responsibility of civil society


Targeting Efforts to meet Millennium Development Goals Expectations
MDG progress report 2012 released: The goals must be reached beyond 2015!


World Atlas on the Utilization of Resources
This recently released World Atlas shows the development of raw material consumption and efficiency of the use of resources


– Plant-for-the-Planet –


United Nations accept Plant-for-the-Planet as official party
“The United Nations is the best we have!”


Severn Suzuki Returned to Rio
“We really need to hear from the youth … we need them to rise up and remind us what it’s all about.”


First Academy in Colombia
40 new ambassadors in Cartagena


– Press Coverage –


Press Room
Your activities in the media


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