Global CSR Summit and Awards April 3-4

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In recent years, asian and emerging economies have outperformed their western counterparts. This shift in the economic balance of power has created enormous wealth for millions of people in these countries.

However, the flow of wealth has resulted in increased inequalities among peoples.

Environmental and social issues continue to plague our societies despite efforts by intergovernmental agencies. Financial instabilities remain the Achilles heel of our economic system despite coordinated efforts by the united states and governments to inject our economies with enormous monetary liquidity.

History has shown that the only way for impactful change to take place is the emerging of radical ideas and inventions. csr must adopt a brand new paradigm for businesses and societies to flourish in this challenging era harmoniously with the environment. Radical ideas must emerge before change can be meaningful.

For this reason, the Global csr Summit & Awards 2014, will celebrate its 6th year with the theme: Paradigm Shift For Meaningful Change, which seeks to provide the platform for innovative and radical ideas from corporations and thinkers that are game changing and will define how societies and businesses will evolve.

The 6th Global CSR Summit & Awards 2013 will also host for the first time in 6 years, THE GLOBAL CSR HALL OF FAME, showcasing Asia’s the world’s CSR all stars awards winners from 2009.

And of course, a main feature of our event – an exotic and relaxing eco-tour to the most scenic places of Bali. See you at this highly anticipated event!