Global Crowdfunding Update: Updates from the World Bank and Africa

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Crowdfunding Global Update

June 3, 2013

Crowdfunding was the featured topic in this month’s Entrepreneur Magazine, which looks at innovation in funding start-ups. The article explored the ways in which governments, development organizations and investors in many countries are working to create entrepreneurial ecosystems and innovation.  Crowdfunding is a solution that is able to help entrepreneurs bridge the crucial funding gap until they are able to get funding from established investors. Crowdfunding thus offers an innovative way to create greater access to capital and spur economic growth.

Also in this issue:
·       Updates from the World Bank and Africa
·       Updates from Entrepreneurship in Croatia
·       Report from Australia’s leading conference on Innovation
·       Expansion of the Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program at the Center for
Entrepreneurship and Technology at UC Berkeley.

The World Bank and Africa

  • At the World Bank’s 5th Global Forum on Innovation & Technology Entrepreneurship, in East London South Africa, Debt and Equity Crowdfunding (Crowdfund Investing) was a hot topic. Jason Best and Robert Mitchell represented CCA at the Forum.  Jason presented CCA’s initial research on global trends in Crowdfund Investing (CFI) and innovative models for using crowdfunding/crowdfund investing in the developing world.
  • Crowdfund Investing platforms are surfacing in West Africa, including a crowdfunding platform that was one of the top 50 start-ups in Africa for the Global Forum.  Representatives from a number of countries are beginning research on innovative funding mechanisms in developing economies and CCA was able to speak with them on specific ideas for their markets. 
  • Countries and development organizations are working hard to create entrepreneurial capacity and ecosystems.  Investors are a vital part of that ecosystem and they are currently underrepresented. One of the key projects for CCA a new model that can bring investors to the table sooner.

Entrepreneurship in Croatia

  • Are the Balkans the next hot bed for crowdfunding?  Sherwood was in Croatia recently on behalf of the US State Department discussing how crowdfunding can spur entrepreneurship, innovation and jobs in the region. He also had the opportunity to speak to and create mentoring relationships with future entrepreneurs at Startup Camp Rejika, hosted by the US Embassy, Zagreb.  It seems that the seeds for a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem are sprouting thanks to the hard work of early leaders there.
  • Croatia like many countries have a mix of the variablesthat make it ripe for crowdfunding but lacking in other areas. 

Australian Innovation Conference 

  • Amplify Festival Expo kicks off June 3-7th in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia.  “Shift Happened, Transformation Required” is the theme where Sherwood will be speaking about how organizations can prepare for the coming crowdfund investing revolution.  Much like the introduction of anything new, there is fear and confusion about what “may” be.  Sherwood explains how preparation and education are keys to crowdfunding success.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program Expands at UC Berkeley 

  • The University of California, Berkeley is expanding its acceleration program for high-­?potential entrepreneurs. Become an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at University of California at Berkeley.
  • Talented participants from around the world will have the opportunity to train with and learn from Silicon Valley insiders from a diverse range of industries. The experience and the chance to build a network will enable them to return home, ready to expand their businesses and create jobs. These entrepreneurs will use the new experience also to accelerate the growth of a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem at home.
  • The acceleration program leverages the experiential learning approach of the Berkeley Method, which emphasizes hands-on learning and direct mentorship. Leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as well as top academics conduct the mentorship and teaching. Contact us for more information.

Learn more about the CCA Crowdfund Engagement methodology and whether Crowdfund Investing (CFI) is right for you.

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