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Bill and Melinda Gates Reveal the Biggest Surprises They’ve Faced

The philanthropic power couple reveal not only what has shocked them the most, but how these surprises can incite a powerful call to action.

This Water Bottle Dissolves When It Enters the Ocean

With nearly half a trillion plastic water bottles purchased and consumed each year, this incredible invention could have an unprecedented impact on pollution in the world’s oceans.

Teen Writes Bill to End Period Poverty in Schools

The 17-year-old is on a mission to get a bill passed that requires schools in her state to provide free period products and help keep students in class.

The One Unexpected Benefit of Greenland Melting

New surprising research reported by Earther suggests that Greenland’s melting ice caps may hold the key to helping rebuild communities from natural disasters.

Polar Bears Invade Russian Town Because of Global Warming

At least 50 polar bears entered the village in search of food and shelter, as their habitat in the Arctic ice caps continues to disappear due to global warming.

Ask South Africa to Step Up for Menstrual Health
Tweet President Ramaphosa and demand South Africa step up for menstrual health so South African girls can continue to go to school and get the education they deserve.