Givelocity Launches on #GivingTuesday

Jay Owen Crowdfunding

Givelocity Launches on #GivingTuesday — Launched just yesterday, the crowdfunding platform Givelocity wants to make donating a monthly occurrence. A crowdfunding platform with a unique twist, the site hopes to change the way people donate to charities and think about giving back in general. We profile the newcomer.
After Crowd Votes, Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey [Video]

In what’s become a yearly white house tradition, President Obama pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey on Wednesday afternoon. For the second year in a row, the crowd voted on which turkey would get the official pardon. Turkey lovers could vote on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This year, the proud strutting, corn munching, Beyoncé listening Popcorn got the crowd’s vote over his competitor Caramel.

Local Motors Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Motorized Cruiser

Managing a large community of users is no easy endeavor — just ask a community manager at any crowd-powered company. Local Motors, a co-creation firm, is seeing whether it can apply the lessons learned in its crowdsourcing field to crowdfunding by launching a campaign to fund a motorized bike.

Citizen Science Project Seeks Cash to Identify New Antibiotics

Two University of Chicago researchers are looking to address the threat of deaths caused by antibiotic resistance. And they’re asking the crowd for help.

Using Crowdfunding and the Golden Circle Concept to Aid Veterans

Crowdfunding consultant Rose Spinelli discusses crowdfunding campaigns for veterans: a seemingly great way to give back before the holidays that (for the most part) hasn’t taken off. Spinelli writes in to discuss the “Golden Circle,” a concept developed by Simon Sinek that can help put the military-related campaigns on a path to victory.

Instagram Film Made with the Help of the Crowd [Video]

Thomas Jullien, a French art director, recently created a short video using over 850 photos taken from Instagram. The two minute film takes viewers from Paris, through New York and Berlin, and all the way to Sydney, Australia, with a few other stops in between.