GFI launches three high-impact resources for alternative protein researchers | New episodes of GFI India’s podcast “Feeding 10 Billion” | Why we should use better images of cultivated meat

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July 9, 2020


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Introducing PISCES, a New Data Navigation Tool to Inform Alternative Seafood Development

There’s a lot of cellular and molecular research needed to create new alternative protein products that match conventional seafood’s taste, texture, and aroma. PISCES, a new tool from GFI’s Sustainable Seafood Initiative, will help alternative seafood researchers and companies navigate the field. Dive in.

Cultivated Meat Could Transform Our Food System. Let’s Use Images That Do It Justice.

Cultivated meat is poised to transform our food system in a foundational way. To set the industry up for success, we need fewer scientific stock photos and more images of real, delicious cultivated meat. We put together a guide for journalists and cultivated meat startups to help make that happen. Check it out.

New GFI Resources

GFI Launches Collaborative Research Directory 

Are you a researcher interested in the alternative protein space? Join our new collaborative research directory to find peers around the world with complementary skills so that together you can accelerate the transition to the good food future. Sign up today!

Introducing GFI’s Scientific Research Database

Our Scientific Research Database gives researchers a bird’s-eye view of where and how alternative protein science is being conducted today. Each lab in this project is actively enabling alternative protein innovation. Check it out or add your lab!