FUTURIST UPDATE Big Data and the Neworked World of 2020, Special issue FREE online

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June 2012 Special

FREE online from the July/August issue of THE FUTURIST:

The Abundance Builders

By Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler

Progress occurs when inventive people solve problems and create opportunities. Here, Peter Diamandis (left) and best-selling science writer Steven Kotler present just a few of the breakthroughs that offer the brightest prospects for a future that leaves austerity and deprivation behind. Read more.

The Secret Life of Data In the Year 2020

By Brian David Johnson

Author Brian David Johnson, a futurist for Intel, shows how geotags, sensor outputs, and big data are changing the future. He argues that we need a better understanding of our relationship with the data we produce in order to build the future we want. Read more.

The Individual in a Networked World: Two Scenarios

By Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman

Collaborative agent bots? A walled world under constant surveillance? Two information technology experts parse the future of human?network interaction. Read more.

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