Future Prosperity (value) driven by a focus on People and Planet

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Conference Series on Finding Ethical Alpha

Building Task Force to Set the Course for Future Alternative investments


Guide world’s significant asset allocators to embrace long-term value investing across all asset  classes.  Not another effort  to allocate 1% or 5% of portfolios to ESR, SRI, TBL or Impact, rather

a direct initiative to have 100% of portfolio assets embedded in the globally accepted risk/return met­rics and screens related to environmental and humanitarian imperatives.

Future Prosperity (value) driven by a focus on People and Planet

Free up remaining choke points hindering global asset allocators from embracing the underlying investment thesis of SRI, ESG, Impact, TBL, etc., by bringing together expert leaders from plan sponsors, endowments, foundations and private family offices to form task forces to promote the next evolution of investing for the benefit of all. 

The Ethical Markets/Endobility research conference on FINDING ETHICAL ALPHAMay 12-13, 2014, The Renaissance at World Golf Village, St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL, will be the catalyst for presenting, in     October 2014, innovative strategies to hundreds of the world’s large asset allocators .

To attend in May, visit our website or contact Connie Gilchrist, Endobility Director of Marketing,                 connie (at) Endobility (dot) com. 

Gathered around truly remarkable thought leaders who do not stop at “thinking” but move to “doing”, self-organizing task forces will convene around shared strategies for positive futures:

Fostering development of  higher due-diligence based global ratings agency (Lawrence BloomBe Ener­gy London, previous Chair Global Agenda Council on Urban Management, World Economic Forum)

An Integrated Investing Strategies alliance (Dr. Mariana Bozesan)

Promoting Principles of Ethical Biomimicry Finance™ (Garvin Jabusch, Chief Investment Officer of Green Alpha® Advisors, co-manager of the Sierra Club Green Alpha Portfolio)

Expanding Due Diligence to include daily information on planetary conditions from Earth Observation   Satellites, GEO, nasa and other space agencies (Dr. Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA)

Sustainable Infrastructure, “leapfrog” strategies for emerging economies; efficiency and re-design services for mature industrial, fossil-reliant countries (Dr. Daniel Wiener, Global Infrastructure-Basel)

Efficient shifting from centralized electric utilities and recycling “stranded” assets, reconfiguring, allowing smooth integration of wind and solar (Ernst Ulrich von Weizsacker)

Financing Desert-Greening, Forest Management, Seawater Agriculture (Dr. Carl Hodges)

Monetary Re-Design, , Electronic Trading & Market Re-Design (Nico Sand)

New Media, MOOCs, learning tools reporting on the growing green opportunities worldwide (Hazel Hen­derson, Founder Ethical Markets Media; Co-sponsor of Finding Ethical Alpha)

First in a series of Ethical Markets/Endobility research conferences: Finding Ethical AlphaMay 12-13;  People, Planet, Prosperity, Oct. 2014; The Renaissance, between St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL.    Others are in planning for the West Coast, London and China, 2014 and 2015.