Future Fee – 0.1 Thousandth for our Future

kristy Global Citizen

Let’s plant a million trees in each country of the world!

Update from the Plant-for-the-Planet Children Initiative


Future Fee – 0.1 Thousandth for our Future
First producer commits to the Future Fee

The Change Chocolate
We’re putting our first climate neutral and fair trade chocolate on the market

Election of new Global Board starts 22nd March
Register now and take part!

Academy in The Middle Kingdom
30 new Climate Justice Ambassadors empowered in China

The Young and the Restless
Kids sue government over climate change

Occupy Movements During COP17 in Durban
Children and youth demonstrate for a better future

Leaves Featuring Polluters
Leagas Delaney develops new campaign

Communication à la Leagas Delaney
Hamburg agency backed us kids from the start

Press Room
Your activities in the media