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Join us on November 6th for our Open House in San Francisco


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October 2013

The bridge between corporations and NGOs


Join us on November 6th at our new San Francisco office. Cocktail with our team and board, relax with a glass of wine and listen and converse with a genuinely diverse group of friends.

You will meet people you know, but more importantly, you will meet people you don’t know: human rights and environmental activists, corporate executives, progressives, conservatives, innovators, investors, and others.
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Latest News


The Circular Economy 

Last week Stakeholder Engagement Manager Brendon Steele participated in the Ellen McArthur Foundation‘s second acceleration workshop, held in Amsterdam to bring together the world’s top businesses, local governments, and academics to catalyze the transition from a linear “take-make-dispose” to a circular closed-loop economy. Brendon spoke on some of the challenges and opportunities for enabling circularity in the American economy. You can view his presentation here


Engaging Outraged Stakeholders 

How can corporate executives and NGO activists find common ground and achieve systemic solutions to pressing social and environmental issues? Future 500 has released a practical how-to guide on stakeholder engagementdrawing from almost 20 years of experience building bridges among adversarial groups. Learn from Bill Shireman, Erik Wohlgemuth, and Danna Pfahl how to create sustainable economic growth. The book, now available on Amazon, includes several stakeholder engagement case studies. 


Hello? Is There a Human Being? 

It’s a new age of stakeholder activism, and corporations are being confronted with fundamental questions such as: Is there a human being in there running this place? Bill Shireman and Bruce Piasecki propose ten steps to engage with stakeholders. The first objective: Humanize – yourself, your company, and your critics. 


The Future of Conservatism 

In late September, two weeks before the government shutdown, Future 500 convened conservative leaders in Washington, D.C., to discuss the future of the conservative movement and the GOP.You can follow the debate here and access videos summarizing the remarks of the panelists such as Daniel McCarthy, editor of the American Conservative Magazine


Join us for Sustainable Brands London

The leading brands of the future will be sustainable brands. Building them takes a new kind of thinking, a new group of collaborators, and a new set of tools. Find them at Sustainable Brands London. Speakers from Unilever, WWF, Illycaffe, BT, Marks & Spencer and more will be leading this important two day event. Register today with the code nwF500SBL for a 20% discount.

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