Fuel Cells: The Future or a Flop?

kristy Greentech

Fuel Cells: The Future or a Flop?
Will the Next Big Thing finally become the Next Big Thing?

Comverge Takes Backseat in Demand Response Counting Debate
As PJM and EnerNOC point fingers, Comverge flies under the radar.

Argonne’s Battery Tech: A Government Licensing Success Story
Lab-to-factory deals can work if structured correctly.

First Solar 2010 Results and 2011 Guidance
2010 sales of $2.564 billion; 11.6% efficiency at $0.75 per-watt cost; 2 gigawatts of production guidance for 2011.

Clean Tech Needs to Shift Focus to the Consumer
NRG Energy’s CEO advises putting Washington at the back of your mind and making the market care.

Will Google’s Offshore Wind Transmission Be Slowed by Regulatory Red Tape?
The Google-led Atlantic Grid Development could connect 54 gigawatts of East Coast offshore wind—if vested interests don’t get in the way.

SiGen and a Crop of Startups Target Thinner Silicon Wafers
No more wire hangers, I mean wire saws. Less kerf loss. Less silicon used. Are 20-micron wafers in reach?