From the Gulf Disaster to Inside Your Car

kristy Greentech

From the Gulf Disaster to Inside Your Car
GM is taking oil absorbers from the Gulf and turning them into car pars. Old bumpers too.

Mixed Greens: GE Links with Better Place, Fallbrook Goes Automotive and More
Another day, another alliance for GE.

Residential Demand Response: Mirage or Reality?
Can residential DR yield savings and value for consumers?

Freescale Crowds Into the Home Energy Management Market
There’s no end to companies with home energy platforms.

One World, One Grid, One Standard
Standards and international standards development organizations will be the critical x-factor in the successful launch of the global smart grid.

Enphase and the Evolution of Solar Microinverters
The inverter function is moving even closer to the PV module.

Ivanpah Likely to Receive Final Approval Today
Will the 392 MW BrightSource Power Tower project be cleared for take-off, or back to the drawing board?

Update: Recurrent Energy Acquired by Sharp for $305 Million
Independent power producer Recurrent Energy gets Sharp. And Sharp gets somewhat vertically integrated.

WIll Recurrent Energy Get Bought by Sharp Today?
At 4 PM PST, Arno Harris, Recurrent’s Mr. Elegant and CEO, will announce something important.

Will Flow Batteries Charge Cars? Also, GM and ABB Now BFFs
Ener1 has reorganized too.