From Environmental Stewardship to Parental Leave: How Are Companies Measuring Up?

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As part of our mission to track just corporate behavior, this month we took a look at companies that rise to the top on some of the issues that matter most to the American public.

In collaboration with the National Urban League’s 2018 State of Black America Report, we took a look at three companies cultivating future-forward, diverse, and profitable workforces in greater support of communities of color. Learn more about the efforts of Intel, Symantec, and American Express here.

For Earth Day, we highlighted 5 companies that excel in waste recycling and environmental stewardship. And just this past week, we took a look at what top U.S. companies provide the best benefits for working mothers  and families. Each company offers – beyond generous paternity leave – a wealth of forward-thinking benefits to make it possible to balance parenthood with work life.


Our Director of Corporate Research, Rob Du Boff, spoke with the Chicago Tribune about the recent CEO-to-Worker pay disclosures, and how to interpret some of the latest data from corporations in Illinois. He also discussed the large chasms between CEO and worker pay with the Houston Chronicle, after it was revealed Houston-based corporate CEO’s made 935 times more than their median employee.


We share key takeaways from our Rankings on Corporate Tax Reform, one quarter in, with Corporate Citizenship Briefing. quotes our research discussing how the windfall from tax reform is not helping workers, and our analysis of Huntington Ingalls’ reinvestments in wages and job creation gets featured in the Daily Press.