(Free Webinar) Lowering Portfolio Risk: New Evidence Reveals Higher-Impact Porfolios Can Outperform Traditional Investing

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June 10th Webinar

Lowering Risk, Enhancing Returns:
How High Impact Portfolios Can Outperform Traditional Portfolios

A diversified portfolio, driven by smart data and rated for future risk, can deliver stronger returns with lower risk and positive impact

Overall, 80% of the S&P 500 stock market valuation is driven by factors that are not accurately captured and valued on financial statements — and typically ignored by investors (including foundations, endowements and pensions), sophisticated analysts, investment advisors and even fund managers.

Traditional investors who subscribe to Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) typically use index funds that follow the market. Trusting market-price based indexes, while ignoring critical data linked and weighted to cash flow, can lead to suboptimal portfolios — with higher risk and lower returns.

More than 20 factors that drive future risk, potential return, and net impact appear to be ignored by “efficient” capital markets. The absence of a present-day effective indicator of future risk could impair your portfolio’s future returns.  Quantitative HIP Ratings — can be applied to the portfolios you manage and an estimated $220 trillion of capital globally.

HIP provides intelligence and ratings of future risk, potential return and net societal impact by measuring meaningful, knowable-yet-ignored factors of value creation.

Join HIP Investor for this free webinar with leading industry experts to learn: 

  • What are the knowable risks and opportunities in your portfolios, including funds, ETFs and muni bonds?
  • As an institutional asset manager, asset owner or endowment manager, why should you care?
  • How to apply sustainable high-impact portfolio models to lower risk and seek enhanced returns relative to risk — which can outperform Modern Portfolio Theory’s approach
  • How to apply measurable ratings of risk, return and impact in your portfolio and your communications with clients, to:
    • Select leaders and divesting laggards to reduce portfolio risk and enhance potential returns
    • Keep existing clients satisfied, and
      win new clients and mandates
    • Increase the intelligence of your investment decision-making across asset classes — including equities globally, corporate debt, US muni bonds, real estate; as well as funds, ETFs and 401k plans

Attendees will receive the complimentary HIP Investor whitepaper “How High Impact Portfolios Can Outperform Traditional Portfolios”.

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Expert Speakers

R. Paul Herman
CEO and Investment Adviser – HIP Investor

An internationally recognized expert in impact investing, Paul invented the “HIP = Human Impact + Profit” methodology in 2004, and authored the HIP Investor book bestseller (Wiley, 2010). Paul is the leader of HIP Investor Ratings LLC, providing 6000 ratings to investors, advisers and fund managers; and manages HIP Investor Inc., a registered investment adviser, which manages HIP-rated portfolios and subadvises fiduciaries. Herman’s expertise stems from Wharton, McKinsey, Ashoka and Omidyar Network. ????

Shilpa Andalkar
Senior Vice President, Investment Adviser and Impact Analyst – HIP Investor

Shilpa leads the design and delivery to clients, advisors and 401(k)s of HIP Investor’s impact, risk and reporting methodology – as well as leads the Going Fossil Free Practice. Shilpa brings environmental and management experience from the California League of Conservation Voters. Shilpa graduated with Honors from the University of California, San Diego with a B.S. in Economics. Shilpa holds a Series 65 Investment Adviser license.

Keith Green
Senior Vice President, Client and Partnership Development – HIP Investor

Keith leads Client and Partnership Development at HIP to serve investors, advisers, fund managers and retirement plans – and their fiduciaries and trustees. Keith started at CitiGroup specializing in off balance sheet finance, structured finance, and project finance. Keith has been a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch. Keith helped build from the ground up ASSET4 (now part of Thomson Reuters). Keith’s stakeholder relationships include the EPA, PRI, GRI, CERES, and BSR..

Registration Link 

Tuesday June 10, 2014

  • 10AM-11:30AM Pacific
  • 11AM-12:30PM Mountain
  • 12PM-1:30PM Central
  • 1PM-2:30PM Eastern


Who should join the webinar? 

  • Institutional portfolio managers
  • Endowments
  • Investment advisers
  • Private bankers
  • Fund managers
  • Quantitative analysts
  • Fundamental analysts
  • Asset owners (pension plans)
  • Retirement plans (fiduciaries, trustees, participants)
  • Market Leaders
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Indexes and ETF providers

Interactive Q & A will follow the main presentation.


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