Fossil Fuel Treaty Pillar III: Global just transition workshops and concept note

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Highlighting the third pillar of the fossil fuel treaty: Economic diversification and just transition to 100% renewable energy

As the momentum for the Fossil Fuel Treaty escalates we’d like to bring your attention to the importance of the “Third pillar” of the Treaty.

To make fossil fuel phase-out possible, what is necessary in terms of transition to renewable energy, ensuring the transition is fair and just, and taking seriously the needs for countries to dramatically transform and diversity their fossil fuel based economies?

Please find attached and linked a report from a series of three workshops  that looks to each of the three dimensions of pillar III:

  • Economic diversification
  • The transition to 100% renewable energy
  • Just transition

The workshops gathered a mix of participants involved in the treaty process from across all continents, including partner organisations, members of the Treaty support team, steering committee, the research, campaign and political working groups and others.

Check out the workshops report for both context and a sense of current strategising, priorities and ideas for concrete ways forward.




Summary of Pillar III workshop presentations and discussions











The workshops above built on research and strategy work that has been undertaken for the third pillar by Niclas Hällström, WhatNext?  A shorter concept note is now available that provides an overview of the context and ways forward for each of the three dimensions.

The last third of this document also contains a section outlining “The broader context of  the climate crisis” that needs to underpin the treaty as a whole in terms of carbon budgets, urgency, fair shares, equity and dangers of false solutions.

Pillar III opens up for strategic linking with many organisations and broader issues connected to development, social justice and systems change, where many of you and others in the network are engaged. Pillar III also provides opportunities for engaging with governments as they – both fossil fuel producing and consuming countries – need to search for real solutions and new models of economics and development that ensure well-being and an end to exploitation of both people and nature.


FFNPT Pillar III Concept note


A Global Just Transition from Fossil Fuels