Foresight Network Newsletter:Philosophy and the Future

Jay Owen Trendspotting

Philosophy and the Future

Where: Sun City Grand, AZ

When: 30 April

WebThis discussion group led by Tom Lombardo will cover a broad range of topics

Futures for Food

Where: Turku, Finland

When: 6–7 June

WebWhat could the futures of food look like? How will consumers need and value food?

The future of digital identity

Where: Amsterdam

When: 25 April

Web: Will our online activities follow us through the whole life?

Futures of Foot and Mouth Disease

Where: Canberra, Australia

When: 15-16 April

Web: The Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer plays a key role in providing sound scientific advice to inform animal health policy.

Futures thinking and Strategy Development

Where: Mt Eliza, Australia
When: 29 April- 4 May

WebThis program is designed to help you unpack your organisation’s future


A collective book has been written about Eleonora Masini

Where: Rome, Italy

When: 29 May

Web: Eleonora will be present and will wrap up the event with some concluding remarks. For details contact Fabienne GOUX-BAUDIMENT

Vote for Future Fest

FUTURE FEST, is up for a $100,000 grant from MyLA2050 to launch the first f2: FUTURE FEST in Los Angles. This
festival and conference will showcase the latest in cutting edge entertainment technologies, new forms of digital and immersive arts, and emerging music – all with the focus on how arts, media, and storytelling can help address global challenges and create a better future!


This year Second Sight organises the fifth TWOTY Awards! On September 13, 2013 the TWOTY Awards will be given to the best trendwatchers, forecasters or futurists, in Amsterdam.

Robot Futures

Robotics professor Nourbakhsh (Introduction to Autonomous Mobile Robots) shares his vision of a future in which robotic technology will revolutionize the way humans communicate, collect data, complete tasks, and practice medicine.

Scouting the Future

Alex McManus asks how can leaders neutralize decision-making paralysis in the face of a complex and ever changing context? When it comes to complexity and change, we are in a class five white water rapid. Unexpected events happen so rapidly that we often feel our raft is about to flip.

A Futuristic Name Change

I have been a long time supporter of the theory and practice of multiple identities which is, in my view, an important trend with respect to the long term future. To walk my talk I have decided to adopt a new name.

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