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European Health Futures
When: 12.00-2.30 on 4 February 2013
Where: London South Bank University
Places are still available and a buffet lunch is included.
Reserve your place via Brian Brader
[email protected]

World Futures Studies Federation Conference
If you are intending to attend the conference in June in Bucharest
Contact WFSF Director, Rakesh Kapoor as soon as possible and state your intentions.
[email protected]
When: 18th- 20th of June 2013

Where: Dublin

Web: EuroNanoForum was quoted as Europe’s biggest nanotechnology event

Data Warfare

When: January 22, 2013

Where: Online

Web: Strata Online Conference

Future Earth symposium

When: February 16, 2013

Where: Boston

Web: Future Earth: International Coordination of Research for Global Sustainability
Wanted: Future Earth Interim Director
Future Earth is looking for an Interim Director to lead the programme during the transition phase to it becoming fully operational in 2014, starting as soon as possible and lasting 18 months. The closing date for applications is February 15th.
Applying Long Term Thinking to Global Questions
In December, the Atlantic Council’s Strategic Foresight Initiative hosteda conference entitled Global Trends 2030: US Leadership in a Post-Western World. Organized to coincide with the release of the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds report

Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?

Environmental problems have contributed to numerous collapses of civilizations in the past. Now, for the first time, a global collapse appears likely. Overpopulation, overconsumption by the rich and poor choices of technologies are major drivers; dramatic cultural change provides the main hope of averting calamity.

15 Data Visualization Trends
Bill Chamberlin is sharing with you 15 articles/blogs that discuss the opportunities and challenges ahead in 2013 for the Data Visualization trend.

Future of environmental issues
Anita Pirc Velkavrh asks what are the top most interesting or relevant books you’ve read on the future of environmental issues that you would recommend?Would you like to open a discussion on the views expressed in the book?Would you like to alert others on some quotes?

Future of creativity
In this episode of the Inkandescent Radio Show, former head of the Future Workforce Insights division at The Walt Disney Company Yvette Montero Salvatico joins the show to talk about investigating the future of creativity.

Hall of Fame
Please nominate your favourite all-time futurist for Laurel Awards. Please visit your Foresight Network profile. Just click – ‘Settings’ in the right-hand navigation bar and update your profile as well as listing your Favourite Future Thinkers.

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