Foresight Network Newsletter Jan 11

Jay Owen Trendspotting

European Health Futures
When: 12.00-2.30 on 4 February 2013
Where: London South Bank University
Places are still available and a buffet lunch is included.
Reserve your place via Brian Brader
[email protected]
World Futures Studies Federation Conference
If you are intending to attend the conference in June in Bucharest
Contact WFSF Director, Rakesh Kapoor as soon as possible and state your intentions.
[email protected]

Wanted: Associate Editor
Fast Company is seeking a full-time associate editor in New York City.
Contact hiring editor Erin Schulte at [email protected] by Jan. 31

Wanted: Free thinkers to build Africa’s future
The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business is looking for highly motivated individuals to spend a year in a unique, free thinking, applied academic programme to envision a better future for Africa.

Wanted: Mars Colonists
Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply to become a Mars colony pioneer. The most important criteria, officials say, are intelligence, good mental and physical health and dedication to the project, as astronauts will undergo eight years of training before launch.

IFTF Remembers Robert B. Textor, Anticipatory Anthropologist
Dr. Robert Bayard Textor created and championed ethnographic futures research (EFR), a rigorous methodology for bringing the insights of cultural anthropology to futures research, and conversely bringing foresight into the discipline of anthropology

Memories of the Future
Wendell Bell‘s life illustrates how totally unforeseen events can shape individual lives. As he notes, despite our hopes and our plans for the future, there is also serendipity, feedback, twists and turns, chance and circumstance, all of which shape our futures with sometimes surprising results. In Bell’s case, such twists and turns of chance and circumstance led to his role in developing the new field of futures studies.

Scenario Planning: A Field Guide for the Future by Woody Wade
Susan Fant recently interviewed Woody Wade, author of Scenario Planning: A Field Guide for the Future. You can read the interview by clicking here

Relationship between think tanks and futurists

Do you believe that a professional futurist emerges from a think tank or end up there? A discussion has been started here if you are interested to add comments and/or insights.
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Garry Edward Henshall | Australia

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Hall of Fame
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