Five Ways to Honor Mother (Nature)

Jay Owen Global Citizen, Earth Systems Science, The Power of Yin

“Ethical Markets loves SciStarter and honors Darlene Cavalier and her Mom!

The best Mother’s Day gift is to call your Mother in this time of lockdown, and tell her that you’ve joined and recommend SciStarter to your own children!


Darlene and I have a special connection: we both supported the work of the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) which studied all emerging technologies for the possible social and environmental impacts on those not involved or profiting from their development.  When Newt Gingrich’s Republicans took over in Congress, they shut down OTA and slayed this messenger which could have helped us understand all the technological choices we had to help deal with our current crises and ban those that were too dangerous!


Darlene went on to study this area at Arizona State University (ASU) and promoted the Citizens Assessments of Technology, and their citizen panels I championed at OTA during my service on its Technology Assessment Advisory Board.  We at Ethical Markets co-published with the U. of Florida Press, one of these OTA reports, first published in 1980:

“ASSESSING TECHNOLOGY FOR LOCAL DEVELOPMENT” (2014).  Darlene gave us an endorsement on the cover!  This is now available as a free download at   Keep up the good work Darlene!


~Hazel Henderson, Editor“

Let’s show our appreciation for all the moms out there, including Mother Nature. Here are five ways to get started in projects that need your help.