Five Questions about SRI – Weekly Expert Interview with Tereza Kaneta

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Five Questions about SRI – Weekly Expert Interview with Tereza Kaneta, President of MZ Consult Latin America, Brazil – March 18, 2011

By Geoffrey on March 18, 2011

Each week Emerging Markets ESG publishes an interview entitled, “Five Questions about SRI.” The interview features a practitioner’s insights about SRI in emerging markets and through Emerging Markets ESG shares this expertise with a wide global audience. The goals of Five Questions about SRI are fourfold:

To reflect on what SRI in emerging markets means to practitioners;
To collect a catalogue of examples of SRI in practice in emerging markets;
To raise awareness about SRI in emerging markets; and
To enable SRI practitioners in emerging markets to network with peers around the world.
This week’s interview is with Tereza Kaneta, President of MZ Latin America, Brazil.

Established in 1999, today MZ Group is a multinational company and the world’s largest independent global investor relations consulting firm, providing one-stop-shop financial, corporate governance, applied technology and integrated corporate communications services.

Since 2010, Tereza Kaneta is the President of MZ Consult Latin America. She joined MZ Consult as a client executive in March 2004, moved to Managing Director for Strategic Planning in March 2005 and then Managing Director of the Consulting and Market Intelligence Business Unit in March 2008. Previously she worked as investment banking associate at Deutsche Bank in New York, as senior associate in the IR department of Telesp Cellular (Vivo) and as an analyst for Banco Votorantim. She received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP) and an MBA from Columbia Business School in New York.

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