Final Global Infrastructure Basel Summit Programme Now Released

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“Ethical Markets is happy to publish this presentation on Sustainable Infrastructure, presented  by John Williams, ceo of Impact Infrastructure, LLC, at our FINDING ETHICAL ALPHA  conference, May 12-13th


Finding Ethical Alpha:  Building Task Forces to Set the Course for the Future of Generating Sustainable Alpha

May 13, 2014

Presentation by John F Williams, Chairman and CEO, Impact Infrastructure, LLC.

The Future of Infrastructure Investing:  It Must be Sustainable

Good afternoon everyone.  My name is John Williams and I am Chairman and ceo of Impact Infrastructure, LLC based in NYC with offices also in Toronto.

My first task in this session is to transition from social ventures to Infrastructure and building projects.  The connections should be pretty clear.  Infrastructure facilities are essential for life sustaining services, healthy communities, economic viability, as well as regional and global competitiveness.

Infrastructure comes in a variety of forms:

• Mobility – transit (heavy, light, bus, high speed rail), active transport (walking and biking), bridges and highways, railroads, aviation facilities;

• Energy – generation, transmission, storage;

Environmental Infrastructure includes water, wastewater and stormwater treatment, storage and conveyance, solid waste management, flood protection;

Social Infrastructure includes schools, healthcare, correctional, parks and administration facilities; and

• Eco System Goods and Services include land, soil, crops, forest, minerals, and marine services.

We rely on each type of infrastructure to provide social and often environmental and economic benefits.  More recently, infrastructure is viewed as a potential preventative resiliency strategy used in conjunction with responsive insurance strategies.


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