Executive Searches from the Resource

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August 21st, 2010
Executive Searches from the Resource:
› Responsible Investment Analyst, Newton Investment Management, London (Aug 31)
› Global Product Specialist – Sustainable Investment, IFC, Washington, (Sep 4)
› Shareholder Engagement Executive, PIRC, London (Sep 15)
› Investment Analyst, First State Investments, Edinburgh (Sep 30)
› Equity Research Analyst, Bloomberg, London (Oct 29)
› Head of Asia Pacific Research, Responsible Research , Singapore (Dec 2)
› Responsible Investment Analysts, Responsible Research , Singapore or Beijing (Dec 3)
› Senior Investment Analyst, Sustainable Capital, Cape Town (Jan 1)
› Sell-Side SRI Analyst, Natixis CIB – Equity Division, Paris (n/s)

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