Executive Director Newsletter

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“Ethical Markets congratulates NAMLE on all their progress in their mission of promoting media literacy, as we do  with our EthicMark®Awards for Advertising that Uplifts the Human Spirit and Society, see 2017 winning ad campaigns from Denmark and Brazil at www.ethicmark.org

We sponsor these Awards because advertising drives so much of the content of commercial media and this $570 billion annual industry too often mis-educates and mis-informs the public.  Our Awards over the years have begun to raise the bar! We were fortunate to have NAMLE’s co-founder, Prof. Sherri Culver who teaches media literacy at Temple University, on our distinguished global Judges Panel.

In  today’s re-valuation of social media ‘s impact on children and our political life, we salute NAMLE’s vital work and its President Michelle Ciulla Lipkin.

~Hazel Henderson, Editor”

I’ve been seeing this January 29 cover of The New Yorker all over my social media feeds. Apparently, people don’t like January very much. I’m going to take an alternate perspective. I love January. It provides a clean slate full of possibilities. The new year has started. A new semester has begun. Goals have been set. I still have 11 months to reach them! January is all about planning and looking ahead. I feel less rushed and less stressed. Sure, I have to bundle and use a lot of tissues but it’s a new beginning. I love new beginnings.

January also marks the moment each year that NAMLE holds our annual Board of Directors’ Retreat. Last week we all joined together in Washington, D.C. for 2+ days of meeting, planning, bonding, and team building (see pics below from The Escape Room. My team escaped. Enough said). As always, I was inspired by the commitment and energy of the board. I am excited to report that we have 5 new board members that joined us in D.C. Laura Catalano, Steve Hargadon, Tori Horton, Gonca Latif-Schmitt, and Daniel Rhone all bring unique experience and expertise to the Board. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have them as part of the team.

Laura Catalano, V.P. of Communications, Environmental Defense Fund

Steve Hargadon, Founder and Director, Learning Revolution Project

Tori Horton, Market Researcher, Product, PayPal

Gonca Latif-Schmitt, Managing Director, Treasury and Trade Services at Citi

Daniel Rhone, Founder and Director of the LUX-ID Design Group