Supporting those on the frontlines of society

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December 9, 2022 @ 8:00 am – December 10, 2022 @ 5:00 pm


Join us for this special virtual forum with Sharon Salzberg, Ali & Atman Smith and Andres Gonzalez!

People who care for people play vital roles in our communities, whether in intimate family circles, larger social networks, or the wide array of helping professions in healthcare, education, social justice, etc.

Often it is caregivers who support the front lines of our society: helping those who face challenges on a daily basis. However, this support can come at a high personal cost, leading to frustration, exhaustion, and a fast track to burnout. 


Atman Smith, Ali Smith and Andres Gonzalez of Holistic Life Foundation


How do we balance the desire to help others with our own needs? How do we have compassion for ourselves as well as others? How do we infuse our actions with the wisdom that we must do our best while honoring that we’re not in control?

Sharon Salzberg


Mindfulness teachers Sharon Salzberg and Atman Smith, Ali Smith and Andres Gonzalez of Holistic Life Foundation are offering a special virtual retreat exploring the immense resilience of the human spirit, and how to find greater balance when serving others.

Recharge physically, mentally, and emotionally in a community of caregivers from all walks of life with meditation, yoga, and contemplative practices.


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