Humanity Rising: Apology and Healing

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January 9, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm




We hope that all of you had restful and rejuvenating holidays. Humanity Rising will resume next Monday, January 9, from 8:00 – 9:30 AM PSTClick here to register if, for any reason, you have been dropped by Zoom or haven’t been receiving the daily reminders. We meet every day, Monday through Friday.

We have a very exciting program for Humanity Rising as we continue our evolution toward Humanity Rising Network. We will focus on the theme of Apology and Healing, and we will continue to develop the themes of ecology and climate change, democracy, youth, women’s issues, regenerative health, innovative technology, and current events. Very importantly, we will be convening a Summit on Ukraine to alert people about the escalating risk of a nuclear exchange. I encourage everyone to take a look at this blog on The Pathway to Peace in Ukraine. At the heart of Humanity Rising is our passion for building community by focusing on world events as they emerge, all within the context of supporting community and positive solutions and change.

We also want to alert you to upcoming courses being offered by Ubiquity University. On Jan 20, we offer a course on The Astrology of 2023 with astrologer Lynne Bell. Beginning Feb 2, we have a course on Time, Consciousness and Past Lives with Esperide Ananas of Damanhur.

We also want to invite all of you to join our Summer pilgrimage to Chartres July 2 – 8 on Waves of Love: The Healing Power of Sound, followed by a Shamanic Journey to the Caves of the Dordogne July 9 – 15. If you sign up before this Sunday, Jan 8, we provide a 10% discount for each course and an additional 10% discount if you take both.

2023 will be an eventful year. As the turbulence and uncertainty of the world increases, we want to continue to develop Humanity Rising as a haven for all of us to come together in love and understanding about what is happening and what we can do together to bring compassion and healing to the world.

See you next Monday. I’ll be speaking about what we have in store for the upcoming months and, in particular, will be discussing the escalating situation in Ukraine.

We will have our first Chartres Community call this Sunday, Jan 8, at 10:00 AM PSTPlease register here.

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