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Friday 19 July 2013

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18 July 2013

Renewables in Japan at a cross roads

| By Rudolf ten Hoedt

“Many new stake holders will make Japan’s conservative energy business unsustainable”. Japan will almost certainly reduce its dependence on nuclear power. But will it alternatively shift to renewable energy?

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11 July 2013

Germany’s Halting Energiewende

| By Paul Hockenos

Germany’s much-hyped Energiewende is on the defensive. There’s a backlash against it, even though opinion polls show three-quarters of Germans in favor of Germany’s clean energy transition…

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The UK’s road to a green future: paved with good intentions – but will the lights stay on?

| By Alex Forbes

EER Monthly July 2013

Charming unbundling – a core element of market liberalisation

| By Jozef Badida

Likelihood of friction between Serbia and Russia over Serbian NOC and gas supply deals

| By Luka Oreskovic

A case for Common European Biomass Policy (part 2)

| By Leszek Jesien, Michal Kurtyka

Biomass-to-jet fuel projects to take off

| By Lydia Heida