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Ethical money cover 2016Over 240 asset managers and advisors, research and media organizations and NGOs from around the globe driving sustainable finance into the mainstream

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Saint Augustine, FL, February 18, 2016 ~ The 2016 edition of the Ethical Money Directory, compiled by Ethical Markets Media, Certified B Corporation, highlights the momentum bringing sustainable investing to Main Street, Wall Street and international finance. The Directory lists businesses and organizations directly involved with green investing, whether using SRI, ESG, triple bottom line, green, ethical, impact, circular investing, Ethical Biomimicry Finance® or other environmental and humanitarian standards and metrics. The Directory is a public service and includes community development organizations, NGOs and others directly working in green finance or investing. The Green Money Directory is available at

Entries in the Directory are provided free of charge, noting the company or organization name, a brief tagline or description provided by the company, principal contacts and their positions, address, phone, email and website link. The Directory, which does not accept advertising, can be viewed online or downloaded as a pdf.

The Directory is part of an ongoing effort by Ethical Markets Media to provide the most relevant information needed to raise global standards and foster the green economy. The Directory has been compiled based on many years working in what once was an emerging field and now is gaining well-deserved and hard-earned mainstream attention. Collaboration and cooperation are the best way to gain exposure and demand for the services offered in the Directory. The need for green finance and investing is so great that there is ample room for these and many other players.

“What is exciting about our Directory,” says Hazel Henderson, president and founder of Ethical Markets, “is the depth and breadth of expertise. We’ve specifically limited the Directory to people and organizations we know personally or are recommended by colleague organizations such as B Lab, SVN and Investors Circle. There are many more we’ve yet to meet and look forward to including in future editions. This community is growing faster than we can keep track!”

The majority of the listings in the Ethical Money Directory are of asset managers, investment advisors and investment platforms. Many are members, as is Ethical Markets Media, of the American Sustainable Business Council, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM), the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, Ceres, the Green Economy Coalition, SRI Connect, Ethical Performance and other organizations looking at finance as part of the global commons to be managed for the global good. Many of the companies, like Ethical Markets, are Certified B Corporations, companies using the power of business to tackle social and environmental problems.

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