Ethical Markets Welcomes Head of Carbon Disclosure Project to Advisory Board

Jay Owen Advisors' Forum

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 9.32.56 AMPaul Dickinson is founder and Executive Chair of CDP, an independent non-profit organization that exists to transform the global economic system to prevent dangerous climate change and value our natural resources by putting relevant information at the heart of business, investment and policy decisions. CDP does this by acting on behalf of 722 signatory investor entities that collectively manage $87 trillion in assets. CDP then uses this financial authority to collect primary information on corporate environmental risk, liability and strategic environmental management and provide it to the global investor community and policy-makers.

CDP was formed in anticipation of the need for a system that informs capital flows and helps to drive the emerging green economy by providing standardized and comparable information on environmental risks and opportunities. Over 3,700 of the largest companies in the world, and 73 cities with total 244 million inhabitants all report through the CDP system. CDP’s work is widely recognised, including being awarded the 2012 winner of the Zayed Future Energy Prize.

Paul Dickinson is also founder and Chair of EyeNetwork, Europe’s largest video conference booking service, and prior to founding CDP, founded and built Rufus Leonard, into a multi-million turnover corporate communications company. Paul is also the author of numerous books and articles, including Beautiful Corporations (2000 Financial Times Prentice Hall). Paul holds a masters degree in Sustainability and Responsibility from Ashridge.

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