Ethical Markets Supports OCCUPY !

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News, Global Citizen


We were all concerned at the repeated lies and evidence-free reporting by Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post on December 31st asserting a (non-existent) connection between Occupy Wall Street and an individual arrested for possessing weapons and bomb making materials.

This is far from the first time the New York Post has smeared activists with baseless allegations, and we are determined not to let them off the hook. We’ll be delivering our petition signatures at a protest outside the New York Post this Thursday at 12pm.

Take action at the New York Post to help deliver our thousands of petition signatures to ‘stop the lies’.

A diverse group of concerned OWS activists began this petition in response to the false allegations, and thousands across the country instantaneously signed on. Even several media outlets–those not a part of the NY Post echo chamber–reposted the petition, discussing the allegations and recognizing them as untrue. But we can’t let up the pressure now.

Deliver the petitions with us at 12pm this Thursday and help spread the word that OWS is fighting back against the lies.

Please forward this message, engage on social media, and make sure our voice is heard now and in front of the NY Post.

On Thursday we will deliver your messages straight to the Post’s front door, and make our collective voice heard: The Post will no longer be allowed to get away with lies posing as journalism.

Join us as we take this fight to their front door.

— from concerned OWS activists