Ethical Markets Team Welcomes Beth Binns-Strategic Planning and Program Development

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Beth A. Binns is a management consultant and strategic planner in the green economy. She builds partnerships across multiple stakeholder groups including businesses, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, state, federal and international institutions, foundations and grant makers to impact the development of the green economy. She often is brought in at the start-up phase to provide strategic consulting to organizations and programs both for-profit and non-profit.

Her current work focuses on developing a resilience planning program for National Park Service managers.  Previously, she had been a Vice President at ICF International for twelve years working primarily on building climate change programs for government agencies.  Before joining ICF, Ms. Binns played an instrumental role, as a contractor, in the White House initiative on Education for Sustainability, an Agenda for Action. Ms. Binns’ international experience included serving as the Program Director of the International Academy of Environment in Geneva, Switzerland-a training and education center focused on providing national, state, and local leaders from developed and developing countries with the tools they need to implement environment and development programs.  Beth’s non-profit work included strategic planning to help develop the Management Institute for Environment and Business and she was the founding director of the Social Venture Network. Ms. Binns started her career working in the private sector with environmental companies focused on energy efficiency, renewable technology and organic food manufacturing.

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