Investors Flock to for Answers to Financial Crisis


ST. AUGUSTINE, FL—OCTOBER 16, 2008— Traffic to doubled in the last three weeks with the announcement of international financial markets hitting all-time lows since the Great Depression. Visitors from the U.S., Canada, Brazil, U.K., Australia, Austria, India and other countries sought answers and investing alternatives to the brick and mortar companies that are crumbling as a result of the subprime lending crisis.

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“After years of promoting global market reform by focusing on the best practices, the most ethical, best-governed, greenest organizations to raise standards worldwide, we find OURSELVES deemed as one of the best modeling the behavior we’ve sought to inspire,” said Rosalinda Sanquiche, executive director of Ethical Markets Media, LLC. “The result – many Ethical Markets Stats 2around the world want to license our TV programs and invest in our business. We appreciate the vote of confidence but our mission is still to reform markets and get investors connected with the many other businesses and organizations which have been acting ethically all the time Wall Street has been lining it’s own pockets.”

Top hits included founder Hazel Henderson’s audio interview and article, “CHICAGO BOYS’ CURSE COMES HOME TO WALL STREET,” her review of “Obama’s Challenge” and the Ethical Markets TV Series, which includes 13 shows about “Redefining Success,” “Global Corporate Citizenship,” “Women-Owned Businesses” and “Health and Wellness,” to name a few.

The Ethical Markets TV Series is a financial lifestyle magazine available for watching any time on Real examples of people, companies and organizations illustrate the “triple bottom line” — respecting people and the environment while earning a profit. The stories are visually compelling and backed up with solid financial and market data.

The news, features, interviews, roundtables, and expert commentary probe the assumptions behind the issues that affect every consumer and investor globally, and look at assets and wealth in a new perspective. The shows use new indicators ( to measure quality of life and examine how individuals can align their money and their values. The TV shows report stories with solid economic performance, financial, and market data, creating a showcase for new yardsticks and actual measures of success and impact.

All companies that are featured in the Ethical Markets TV Series are screened to the highest ethical and environmental standards. Each show features an in-depth analysis of a company “Walking the Talk” by our team of “stakeholder analysts” and a final commentary by founder/co-producer, Hazel Henderson.divx the incredibles

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