Ethical Markets Advisory Board member, Peter Matthies reports activities of his Conscious Business Institute

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Warm Holiday Wishes to the

Conscious Business Institute Family

My dear Friends and Advisors

It has been a while since I sent you an update. 2011 has been an exciting year for me, personally, and for CBI. After working on CBI since 2005, I was able to sign up some interesting, rewarding and very fulfilling projects:

Since January 2011, CBI is developing and conducting an 18-month training program for BMW Group’s emerging leaders. Every year, BMW Group plans to conduct this program for about 15-25 selected executives that have potential for their “Oberer Führungskreis” – their upper management circle. This program covers 3 modules: one in China, one in the US, and one to address Social Entrepreneurship. In addition, and as a foundation, CBI is delivering a Leadership Development and Coaching Program that provides the BMW executives with some of our new leadership approaches. Bottom-line: I have been traveling to Germany a lot this past year.

In October, I was invited to give a keynote presentation for 300 top executives of Siemens’ Industry Sector (about 100k people). The feedback was very positive, and I am currently in price negotiations to deliver a pilot program for one of their departments. Knock on wood, because the intention is to expand the ideas and approaches on a broader level.

Also in October, I signed up a new division of Intel – Intel Mobile Communications – which they bought from Infineon early this year. At present I am only coaching the CEO and his head R&D person, but we hope to slip into a change project they are anticipating to kick off mid next year.

How did it happen?

Mostly through the help of the CBI Partner Network – individuals and small companies that showed interest in the CBI approaches, which I have since guided through our CBI Leadership Development & Coaching Program, and which have since become CBI Partners or CBI Affiliates. One person in particular has become a close partner: Michaela Bürger. She used to be in charge of executive development at Siemens in Munich and now runs her own consulting firm.

Aside from that I had fun speaking at TEDx American Riviera (see link to the right), recently, and doing an interview for an Austrian funds magazine (only in German – the author will translate it, soon – see link to the right). Enjoy, if you can find some time.

After a long time of uncertainty and building CBI, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your support along this way, for cheering me on, and for providing me helpful advice and honest feedback. I doubt that I would have managed this without your help.

Also, I am deeply grateful that my “experiment” to conduct business in a different way is actually working out – that it is working for CBI and that it is visibly making an impact in the executives we touch with our work. The feedback I receive is very positive – especially because the Conscious Business ideas and approaches hit organizations in a time of increasing pressure, complexity and change.

Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart!

Happy, happy Holidays and a healthy and impactful New Year to you!


P.S. I will send out some newsletters during the next few months to my broader mailing list. If you have any interesting information, articles, videos or news, please let me know.