ESG Practice Playbook – New Climate Edition with CE Credits

Jay Owen Reforming Global Finance, Beyond GDP


Is your window for annual CE credits about to close? If so, our ESG Practice Playbook is essential for any financial advisor integrating ESG strategies and climate solutions within their existing practice.  Each session provides CFP / IWI / CFA CE credits.  Complete all five sessions for a total of 8.5 CE credits accepted by all three boards. Remember to watch all five sessions and complete the corresponding tests to receive all 8.5 CE credits.

If you only have a limited time, don’t miss session five of the series, Financial Advice in the Age of Climate Change. In this new edition, scientists at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab present evidence to demonstrate why climate change is a primary concern for investors. Discover how climate change and geopolitical events combined to impact key markets, along with innovative solutions to address infrastructure and our most precious resource, water management.  This complimentary online webcast is available through RIA Channel and open to all financial professionals.

After completing the course, share your feedback and ideas to help us develop new climate content in 2022. Click here to continue the conversation!