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February 03, 2013


Fast Tracking Cities in China


700 mountains are being leveled to make way for a new city in China which will be known as Lanzhou New City. The vast demolition project which will clear and flatten an area ten square miles in size, adding increased pollution to an already heavily polluted area, is part of…

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EU Opts for Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

white rabbit

Effective this March 11, all cosmetics and personal care products sold throughout the European Union must not be tested on animals anywhere in the world. The ban includes all toiletries, including soap and toothpaste and all cosmetics and beauty products. Prior to the…

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Climate Change Surprise

Which Came First–CO2 or Rising Temps?

citrus greening

The answer to what is causing global warming sounds simple, right? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas; greenhouse gases warm the Earth; we are adding carbon dioxide to the atmosphere; the Earth’s surface is warming. Ispo facto, carbon dioxide is the culprit. And since we…

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Wines from Healthy Vines

Biodynamic Wines Honor the Land and Taste Great, Too

Conventionally grown grapes carry so many pesticides that they landed at number seven on a list of most-pesticide-laden produce from the Environmental Working Group. Grapes are sprayed with high levels of insecticide to ward off pests. Vineyards then turn those grapes into…

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More Cyclones Are Coming

Sea Level and Weather Data Show More Tropical Storms to Come

Satellites that monitor tropical cyclones have only been in use for the past 40 years. Prior to that, researchers used observations from ships and aircraft, but those observations did not include the systematic measurements we have today. Despite satellite measurements, researchers still have…

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Chemical Crusader Sandra Steingraber

An Interview With a Biologist Who Crusades Against Chemicals and Writes Eloquently About Their Consequences.

Sandra Steingraber, Ph.D., is the Rachel Carson of our time, albeit a much more public version. She is a biologist who crusades against chemicals, an author who writes eloquently about their consequences and a poet who interweaves environment and human life in new forms.…

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New Worries for New Yorkers

The Spectra Pipeline Under Construction in New York City Poses Serious Dangers

Some of the most densely populated areas in America—including the Tribeca, Chelsea and Meatpacking neighborhoods of lower Manhattan—are in the proposed path of a massive new natural gas pipeline.

The New Jersey-New York Expansion Project, known as “The Spectra…

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Biomass Controversies

Dear EarthTalk: What is “biomass” and why is it controversial as a potential source of energy?

—Edward White, New Bedford, MA

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Saving Energy and Money with Home Automation

Dear EarthTalk: I understand that there are many kinds of automatic features that can be incorporated into a home—even some that can be operated remotely—that can save energy and provide other environmental benefits. Can you enlighten?

—Robert Goodman, Taos, NM

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