ENB on the Side – UN Conference on Sustainable Development – Issue #3

kristy Green Prosperity, Earth Systems Science

We at Ethical Markets Media are happy to see our friends, Maurice Strong, Bedrich Moldan and Patrick Ten Brink featured in this report from RIO+20 , Hazel Henderson, Editor

The UN System Perspectives on Green Economy
Organized by the Environment Management Group (EMG), UNEP, UNDP and DESA

This event, chaired by Sheng Fulai, UNEP, introduced and discussed findings of an interagency report by the EMG, “Working Towards Balanced and Inclusive Green Economies.”

Fulai, in his introduction, underscored that poverty eradication and sustainable development remain the central goal, and that green economy is a vehicle to make it real.

Olav Kjørven, UNDP, recounted that work towards the green economy has grown in scope, size and significance since UNCED, but said it must be tailored to, and not imposed on, distinct national and local contexts.

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