Emerging Markets ESG interviews Robert Rubinstein, Founder and CEO, TBLI Group™

Jay Owen SRI/ESG News, Advisors' Forum

Ethical Markets welcomes these insights from Advisory Board member Robert Rubinstein, Founder and CEO, TBLI Group™, and we are honored that  Hazel Henderson, our founder and president, received the 2012 TBLI award for Outstanding Contribution to Development of ESG & IMPACT Investing. 


Emerging Markets ESG publishes a special interview with an academic, expert or practitioner about a current environmental, social and/or governance (ESG) topic in emerging markets.

This month’s interview, the 13th interview in the special interview series, is about the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet and Profit and is with Robert Rubinstein, Founder and CEO, TBLI Group™, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  The URL is http://www.emergingmarketsesg.net/esg/2013/04/01/five-questions-about-the-triple-bottom-line-people-planet-and-profit-special-interview-with-robert-rubinstein-founder-and-ceo-tbli-group-amsterdam-the-netherlands-a/#more-2939

Robert Rubinstein succinctly describes the challenges faced to date in mainstreaming TBLI and describes how the financial community is slowly embracing TBLI.