WorldPulse emagazine: 10 Leaders Who Redefine Leadership

Jay Owen Global Citizen

Photo credit: Endre Vestvik

EMAGAZINE: Creating the World We Want to See         DEC 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we can think of no better way to celebrate than to honor women and men in our global community who give us glimpses of what the future can hold. They are guided by huge visions, while shining light on small acts that matter: gestures of solidarity, patient mentorship, authentic living, and deep listening that can transform our world. And they present a revolutionary kind of friendshipthe friendship that flourishes despite distance and can sustain a person through the devastation of civil war. What will the future look like? Read on and revel in the possibilities.

10 Leaders Who Redefine Leadership

Think you know what a leader looks like? Meet nine women and one male ally from World Pulse’s global network who are transforming their communities—and challenging traditional images of leadership along the way. Read more »


“We All Have Only Each Other”

Under the Same Sky

As Hummingbird witnessed death and destruction in her homeland of Syria, on the other side of the world her friend and mentor Sarah was mourning the loss of her family members. In each other, they have found healing and a way forward. Read more »

A Sisterhood Without Borders

Before Olutosin and Urmila met in person, they had already changed each other’s lives. Although they are divided by their geography—Urmila lives in india and Olutosin in Nigeria—the two women see themselves as sisters.Read more »