“EDUCAUTION ” – new documentary film on Student Debt

Jay Owen Community Development Solutions

***Watch the trailer here***

EDUCAUTION is a journey documentary film created by graduate students who are concerned about the future of the American Higher Education System. By focusing on the economic issues surrounding the higher education system, the film examines the increasing concerns of many Americans regarding the continuing decrease in the quality, value, and financial return of higher education in the market place. Through interviewing fellow Americans with real stories from diverse backgrounds, the filmmakers’ goal has been to examine the current system, offer hope, and propose solutions towards preserving the American Higher Education System – a system that has been the main force behind much of the Modern World’s achievements and advances.

From the filmmakers:

EDUCAUTION, currently an Independent USC Graduate Thesis Documentary Film, will be followed by EDUCAUTION 101, a full feature documentary film, which aims at taking a more comprehensive look at the education system as a whole in America– starting from the moment of birth to college and beyond. 

The journey to make this film started in Southern California, home to one of the best university systems in the world.  After starting the film in Los Angeles, the filmmakers’ journey in exploring this issue has taken us to Northern California, Texas and Washington D.C.  Additionally, we have interviewed activists and experts from numerous regions of our country including New York, Michigan, and Alaska.  After talking to hundreds of students, teachers, parents, administrators, activists, experts, economists, politicians, and interviewing more than 40 individuals, we would like to say hello by sharing our first teaser.