Economists calling for “QE for the people”

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We at ethical markets agree and have also  called for more democratized  and future-focused  ways of  designing quantitative easing :  “ the trickle up “ approach  proposed by Milton Friedman  of just taking cash up  in helicopters and throwing it out the windows “  ( seriously supported  in FOREIGN AFFAIRS , Aug,2014 ! )  as well as using qe to  finance the future and the rapidly growing solar age sectors we cover in our GREEN TRANSITION SCOREBOARD®  , rather than continue bailing out past mistakes .  Hazel Henderson, Editor.

1) Economists calling for “QE for the people”

We managed to coordinate a group of 19 eminent academics, among them Lord Skidelsky, Ann Pettifor, Steve Keen, Victoria Chick and David Graeber, to sign up to a letter which was published in the Financial Times. The letter states that ‘traditional monetary policy no longer works’ and argues for the quantitative easing programme in the Eurozone to be replaced with an alternative approach.

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The letter states that this would be a ‘far more effective’ way of boosting spending and employment in the Eurozone. This approach is the same as Positive Money’s “Sovereign Money” proposal.

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