EconoMatters Tax Carbon Consumption: Europe’s Best Environmental Strategy

Jay Owen Trendspotting

September 27, 2014


Tax Carbon Consumption: Europe’s Best Environmental Strategy

Phillippe Legrain explains what Europe needs to do on climate change – and how.

Texas and Germany: Energy Twins?

Texas and Germany may hold the key to the future of world energy markets, says Ben Paulos.

Filipino Climate Bonds, Here We Come

Bridging the gap between capital-rich and capital-needing countries, by Sean Kidney.

Global HotSpots

The Atlantic Civilization and Its Enemies

Squeezed between a self-destructive Russia and Arab world, Western nations need to focus on their roots, says Ludger Kuhnhardt.

Why S&P’s Latest Call on Germany Misses the Mark

Holger Schmieding explains why the emergence of some right-wing populists will not paralyze Germany’s pro-euro policies.

ISIS Crisis

From ISIS to the NFL

The power of the media to shape and shift public opinion, by Richard Phillips.

The Failure of Islam to Reform

Only Islam can extricate itself from the failures in its history, says Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

Why the Military Campaign Against ISIS Will Fail

Thoughts on the future of the Arab world, by Jean-Pierre Lehmann.

The Globalist in the Media

Die Presse: Uber gegen den Rest der Welt: Mehr als ein Taxikrieg

Op-ed by Stephan Richter | September 9, 2014 | Read in English at TG

Book of the Week

European Spring

Why Our Economies and Politics are in a Mess – and How to Put Them Right, by Philippe Lagrain.

In Case You Missed It

Willful Ignorance on the Economy

Did the American political right’s willfully ignorant view of the economy undermine its recovery? By Richard Phillips.

The Scottish Vote and Europe’s Future

Scotland votes for more home rule within the UK, not independence, by Holger Schmieding.

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