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Updates on Our Work – West Coast Office



We have been teaching students about the eco-village model and sustainable development through a student- taught seminar at UCLA. The class was a huge success! Annie Flaherty and Antoinette Brou were happy with the outcome after a year in developing this program. It looks like we will be continuing to give students at UCLA an opportunity to increase their knowledge of sustainable community development with more similar seminars and offering the Senegal Travel Study Program in 2012. To further read about this exciting program and the course, click on to the following blog Nio Far Blog



ERI at World Social Summit 2011

Our USA intern Kayla Casavant has now been in Senegal for 6 months working on our ERI Beyond Fair Trade Initiative, a feasibility study and forum on ecovillage trade for Senegal. Exciting news as she will be joined by our summer intern, Hristo Marokov, UCLA graduate, who will be our academic program


Research Time

director and will be joining Kayla for 3 months! We look forward to hearing about their successes as we continue to move forward on this program. Visit our blog for updates in Senegal, Kayla’s Blog

Health Projects for Senegal

The Community Based Schistosomiasis Control Program works to prevent water borne diseases in Senegal by working with local health care professionals and increasing awareness of the issue.

Former UCLA student, Grace Tang has been searching out for grants and support. Our project is now posted on Foundation Source. Proposal is available upon request.

Haiti – Ecovillage Development Project

Working with other organizations, ERI developed a proposal for Sustainable Eco Village Pilot Projects in Haiti to serve as a development model for the country early this year. It is considered by the UN International Development Organization as one of the best proposals for the people of Haiti. Awaiting for funds.

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